Swanky Scrunchie

Scrunchie – Whenever I’m chillen in my sweats, there is a 99.9% chance my hair is in a scrunchie. It’s the epitome of hang-time, the grungiest of grunge looks, and the cloudy with a chance of never leaving bed kind of spirit. Swankyadj. 1. A person or object that is posh, high-class, glamorous, classy, upmarket, etc. Paired side-by-side I consider this the godfather of oxymorons; quite frankly it is the paradigm that runs not only my life, but also my fashion style.

Monday, October 10, 2011


Courtney: (Blazer- Helmut Lang, Tank- Rag and Bone, Jeans- Jbrand, Belt- Chanel, Shoes- Sergio Rossi)
Me: (Pullover- Alice and Olivia, Tank- Helmut Lang, Jeans- TEXTILE by Elizabeth and James, Earings- Urban Outfitters, Shoes- Prada, Snake Bracelet- Forever 21)
               Appropriate title? I think so; I’m taking this whole blog idea for a test drive. The contrast of Courtney’s outfit is what makes it a total winner. The harsh cut of the blazer is softened by her dainty slingbacks. Not to mention the gray tank softens the disparity between her white blazer and black shoe. The awesome structure of the pants is a plaster-like material, giving the jeggings a true lux-leather shine. If you look closely at the third picture, the buttons on the blazer are of unique tortoiseshell; it’s the small details that really make a garment stand out!
              My silk mousseline pullover with embroidery makes quite a bold statement. Anytime I wear something that is a little over the top, I tone it down by making the rest of my outfit basic, like the plain white tank and jeans pictured above. I like to cut slits in all my pants, so you can imagine my enthusiasm when these jeans came pre-slit, no scissor necessary! My fancy for feathers began this summer, and I have to admit I’m still not over it. The white feather earrings are the perfect distraction from my post-gym ponytail; lets face it gals, not everyone has time to blow out her hair. The fashion industry is in a surge for serpents, thus I’ve been wearing my “medusa” bracelet out almost every night. Stay tuned for more posts!

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