Swanky Scrunchie

Scrunchie – Whenever I’m chillen in my sweats, there is a 99.9% chance my hair is in a scrunchie. It’s the epitome of hang-time, the grungiest of grunge looks, and the cloudy with a chance of never leaving bed kind of spirit. Swankyadj. 1. A person or object that is posh, high-class, glamorous, classy, upmarket, etc. Paired side-by-side I consider this the godfather of oxymorons; quite frankly it is the paradigm that runs not only my life, but also my fashion style.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Father Time

(Blazer: Vintage,  Jeans: Elizabeth and James TEXTILE, Tank: Urban Outfitters, Wedges: Cynthia Vincent, Bag: Alexander Wang) 

           Ancient of Days is not only the painting in the background by William Blake of father time in the first picture, but also the perfect way to describe my sister’s vintage blazer. I love the way the masculine old-fashioned burnt orange blazer compliments my soft feminine white floral tank. Paired with light-washed jeans and chunky wedges this ensemble makes the cut for both dinner with the grandparents and a night of brews at the bar. As father time emerges from the blazing sun, my interest in vintage is slowly taking its toll on my fashion role. 

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