Swanky Scrunchie

Scrunchie – Whenever I’m chillen in my sweats, there is a 99.9% chance my hair is in a scrunchie. It’s the epitome of hang-time, the grungiest of grunge looks, and the cloudy with a chance of never leaving bed kind of spirit. Swankyadj. 1. A person or object that is posh, high-class, glamorous, classy, upmarket, etc. Paired side-by-side I consider this the godfather of oxymorons; quite frankly it is the paradigm that runs not only my life, but also my fashion style.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Pumps and Pinot Noir

(Sweater: Vintage, Blouse: Joie, Pants: Theory, Pumps: Brian Atwood, Headband: made by me (literally))

                Move over Moulin Rouge because Matted Rouge lips are in and Christina Aguilera is SO out. What’s hot? Opaque lips, think a few glasses of Pinot Noir mixed with Eric Northman’s canines after drinking Sookie Stackhouse’s blood (True Blood fans out there, you feel me?), enough with the pop culture references and onto my outfit. My mother gave me this sweater from the 80’s; she’s held on to some great pieces through the years, firmly believing “everything comes back in style at some point.” Well, kudos to her because it is definitely the statement piece of this outfit. Whenever I wear something bold I try to keep the rest of my outfit simple, hence the white blouse and black trousers. I must admit I adore side zippers on pants; it’s like a little peep hole for your pumps. I went through a phase a few summers ago when I was so obsessed with Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl that I made headbands inspired by her, this being one of my favorites. These pony hair black pumps are the perfect way to add texture to a rather bland outfit. Ever have those days when you try on 500 outfits and end up wearing all black? In that case I like to mix different textures to spice things up. In my opinion it doesn’t get more chic than pumps and Pinot!

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